The Park

Picturesque sights and breathtaking views

The park and its secrets

Villa Cagnola enjoys splendid panoramic views of Lake Varese and the prealpine and alpine arc, over which towers the imposing Monte Rosa. 

The park, connects the high floor on which the Villa is located with the wide valley below, thanks to a structure that enhances its scenic aspects. It was rearranged by Carlo Cagnola who created the Italian garden beds and set it up in the manner of the great romantic parks (1856-1860),  to which the present layout can also be traced.

An articulated system of avenues runs from the Villa towards the park allowing for pleasant walks, immersed in nature.

In keeping with the fashion of the 19th century, which favored the massive introduction of exotic species resulting from botanical collecting and new landscape designs for mansions of delight, monumental tree specimens with majestic bearing can also be seen at Villa Cagnola.

The park is rich in valuable essences. From the giant Cedar of Lebanon, to Sophora japonica, to Himalayan and Atlas cedars, to the majestic group of Liriodendron Tulipifera better known as the tulip tree, as well as magnolias, sycamores, beeches, Japanese maples, red oaks, Chamaecyparis, Calocedrus, pines, and redwoods. Liriodendrons, Liquidambar of the U.S. Atlantic coast; the American Oaks, the majestic Beeches, the Fagus penduli group, the American and Japanese Maples.

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