Breakfast, a coffee break or an aperitif... Every moment is the perfect one to relax pampered by the sounds of our park.


A quick lunch with taste... Business or with friends. In warm weather, it is also available in the outdoor patio


A curated menu and our signature simple atmosphere will set the stage for your dinner. In warm weather, it is also available in the outdoor patio


Impress your guests and make each of your events unique. Exclusive halls and spacious gardens will cater to your every need.

Wedding receptions

The Villa, with its romantic English garden and park are the perfect setting to host your wedding reception.

Congressional events

Coffee breaks, light lunch, gala dinner... Every request finds room at Villa Cagnola, but each event remains unique and inimitable.

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January is the time for the prodigious Cruciferae: Rich in antiviral substances, they are a real shield for winter.

Among the earliest plants cultivated by humans, they are widespread on all continents. Their name is derived from the characteristic, common to all species, of having flowers with four petals arranged in a cross.

Crucifers, or brassicaceae, have a low caloric intake and are very rich in water and fiber, elements that are essential for the body’s proper hydration, toxin elimination and health. Not only that, they are among the vegetables that contain the most nutrients considered essential for health.

Minerals include potassium, calcium and phosphorus, while the folic acid, vitamin A, C and K content is also good. But what really gives crucifers beneficial properties that have been the focus of many scientific studies is the massive presence of antioxidants.

Villa Cagnola’s chefs are offering a winter menu throughout January that enhances the flavors and beneficial properties of these fabulous vegetables.


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